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Welcome to Survivor’s Sanctuary. This self guided healing platform was created to aid survivors in their healing journeys. You are invited to explore your healing through our three healing approaches MIND, BODY and INTEGRATIVE.

You are invited to explore healing lessons from each approach in 5-minute, 15-minute and 25- minute suggested time increments.

You choose your approach and you choose the experiences you want to engage in. No matter where you go on the site, you will find something that meets your unique needs as a survivor.

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A message from ‘me too.’ Founder, Tarana Burke.

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Our approach to healing

We believe that growth after a traumatic experience is possible. By engaging the MIND, BODY, and taking an INTEGRATIVE approach of mind and body, you have the ability to address the adverse effects of trauma and move toward healing. Explore your healing through the 3 approaches.


The healing lessons in this approach are all about thoughts, also known as cognitions. This approach to healing suggests that understanding how our brains and bodies are impacted by trauma will help us shift our thinking and behaviors, ultimately improving our relationship to self and others.


The healing lessons in this approach are all about the body, also referred to as somatics. This approach to healing suggests that to heal or move beyond trauma we begin with the body. This approach allows survivors to practice connecting with their body.


The healing lessons in this approach are all about integrating the mind and body in cultural and wellness practices. This approach refers to healing modalities that do not neatly fit into the first two approaches of healing.